Our Hosting Plans

You will need your own domain name. If you do not own your domain you can click on the WHOIS link and see if the domain name you want is available. We can order the domain name along with your hosting when you sigh up.


We don’t play the $xx.95 game!
What you see is what you GET!
Paid annually $96 $120 $180 $240
Server Space 300 MB 500 MB 750 MB 1 GB
QuickInstall Free Free Free Free
True Pop 3 Email 50 100 300 Unlimited
Web Based Email Y Y Y Y
Site BANDWIDTH 5 Gig.s 10 Gig.s 20 Gig.s 30 Gig.s
Auto Responders 5 15 50 200
SUB-DOMAINS + FTP 1 5 10 20
MySql Database 3 5 10 15
Email Aliases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Error Pages Y Y Y Y
http://domain.com Y Y Y Y
http://www.domain.com Y Y Y Y
Site Statistics Y Y Y Y
Mail Manager Y Y Y Y
FrontPage Extensions Y Y Y Y
Hit Counters Y Y Y Y
Protected Directories Y Y Y Y
FTP Account Y Y Y Y
Archive Manager Y Y Y Y
File Manager Y Y Y Y
Real Cgi-Bin Y Y Y Y
Cron Jobs Y Y Y Y
CGI Chat Rooms Y Y Y Y
Site Search Engine Y Y Y Y
Mime Types Y Y Y Y
Weekly Off Site Backups Y Y Y Y



**Weekly off site backups – Restores are a $25 fee and will take 12 to 24 hours.

Due to spammers and having our servers blacklisted we had to take steps to protect our customers and the servers.
As of now on our cpanel servers the maximum number of emails each domain can send out per hour is 300.

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NOTE: Prior to activating your account you will be required to read and accept our Policies, Guidelines, and Disclaimer. Adult sites and Spamming is STRICTLY PROHIBITED on GH1 Web Hosting, Inc. servers. Sites in violation of our policies will be deleted without prior notice or refunds. Click Terms Of Service to review our Policies, Guidelines, and Disclaimer in full.

What’s Under The Hood?

The days of having a BOX server that will get old and need to be replaced every 2 to 5 years is over thanks to Server Virtualization.

We now run a Virtual Server that is spanned across multiple servers. With this set up we can add processors and memory on the fly to meet the needs of our customers! We no longer on a HARDWARE box so the hardware will never get out of date. The NOC replaces the NODE servers with out the Virtual server ever knowing it.