GH1 Tech Support

Does Tech Support Factor In When Choosing A Web Host? It should!

Our Support Site:

Now you can email your support request directly to our FULL TIME support staff. Yes we have a live person on 24 / 7! All you need to do is or go online at and use the online form to submit your support request!There are not many hosts that offer LIVE 24/7 email support! WE DO!

Here is our support pledge to you! When you send in a support email to our support system you can expect a Human response back within 2 hours from one of our support technicians. We also want you to know that our goal will be to resolve almost all common issues within 6 hours of receipt of your service request.  The email is

We have techs there 24 / 7 – 365 days!  This at NO ADDED COST To You!