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Moving to Google’s G Suite is a smart move!  

$5 per month per user    $25 Set up fee   

As I stated on the main page, The problem with using the standard email account on a shared server is if one of the hosted accounts get blacklisted then your email account is also blacklisted as they all use the same server IP.  You can over come this by upgrading to Google’s G Suite.     

The issues with using the standard cPanel email off of the server.   

1. If one of the server users get blacklisted all of the users on the server are blacklisted as well. 
2. If the data center goes off line you can not reach your email. Your email is down
3. If the server goes down, crashes you could loose all of your old email if you are using POP3 email.  

What you gain moving  to Google’s G Suite!  

Your email is moved off the cPanel server.  This converts your email into a gmail email account using your own domain name.  You can still use your email client or you can logon to gmail and put your email address in and this will work just like it is a gmail account. 

If the GH1 data server goes off line or the GH1 server goes down your email service will still work. Your email account is no longer tied to our servers it is on the Google servers! 

G Suite Basic includes:
Business email addresses (
Video and voice calls
Integrated online calendars
30GB of online storage for file syncing and sharing
Online text documents, spreadsheets and slides
Easy to create project sites
Security and admin controls
24/7 phone and email support

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