Network Operation Center

The Network Operation Center is phoenixNAP located in – Phoenix, Arizona.
It is a State-of-the-art, newly built facility with Multiple Tier 1 & Tier II carrier blend.
Our server is run on a Managed Private Cloud (MPC).  When it comes to CPU time and other computing resources ee don’t like to share!  Our MPC is completely dedicated and is managed and monitored by phoenixNAP data center staff 24/7. 

Next Generation Network
High performance cloud environments rely on high speed, low latency networks to get data between the hosts in a cluster, and back to their storage environment.

PhoenixNAP Managed Private Cloud uses next generation switching and routing technologies powered by Brocade® and VMWare® to deliver an optimum, on demand environment for all your workloads and storage needs.

Highly available physical routers and switches
Low latency 10 Gbps redundant connectivity to each host
DDoS Protected Network
1 Gbps ports available to support legacy devices
Software defined networking technologies by VMWare®